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Cyber Security for London

About Computer Security Technology

We are a London based specialist supplier of cyber defence solution and information security services. Established in 1997, we are now one of longest running IT security specialists within the UK, highly respected by vendors and recognised by customers for securing London businesses.

We provide security solutions,  consultancy services, penetration testing, cyber assessment and managed security services,  typically for IT departments who are either challenged with resource or need additional expertise.

Our staff are passionate about technology and customer care. We strive to provide London’s businesses with the best IT security advice, solutions and support.

As IT becomes further relied upon and inescapable, then IT growth and convolution will accelerate. This leads to an ever shifting challenge for Cyber Security and Information Protection. The adage that ‘Complexity is the enemy of Security’ highlights the position perfectly. We aim to remove the mystery of safeguarding a business from IT security threats, to provide pragmatic advice, augment resource gaps, and be a trusted adviser.