Cyber Security Virtual Seminar

Cyber Security for London

Cyber Security Webex

Join us for an informative 60 minute WebEx to discuss Cyber Security & Data Breaches

  • UK government is so concerned about Cyber-attacks on UK commerce that they have issued a new Business Cyber standard designed to reduce attacks by 80%, want to know more?
  • Lloyds Risk Register has moved Cyber Risk up from 13th, to 3rd place, want to find out why?
  • New EU data laws due next year to have sharper teeth: mandatory breach notification and fines of up to 5% of global revenue, will it affect you?
  • The latest 2015 survey shows that 71% experienced a Cyber breach in the last 12 months, 62% expect to be compromised, would you like to understand more?

Agenda items:

  • Latest IT security report summary, industry analysis, successful hacks and data breach examples.
  • What is the UK Government doing about the issue? Their suggestions to reduce 80% of common Cyber-attacks threats with the Cyber Essentials scheme.
  • Cyber-attacks in focus – what has a small Bakery losing £19K, have in common with a major Airline losing £3.3 million?
  • Good practices and emerging security strategies – why existing precautions are not dealing with new risks and suggestions for improvement.

Technology showcase: High level overview of 4 solutions contrasting Prevention versus Detection:

  • DATA LOSS PREVENTION (DLP) – detecting the data breach.
  • ACTIVE DIRECTORY & PRIVILEGE CONTROL – preventing the data leak.
  • NETWORK ACCESS CONTROL (NAC) – reducing the risk of an attack.

Who / Why join Us?

  • Anybody who has a responsibility for protecting a network, or securing information.
  • Staff who are looking to do more to safeguard against Cyber attacks.
  • Businesses that want to demonstrate or be recognised against IT Security standards.
  • Management that are concerned about the security and usage of the organisation’s data.

“I attended a recent showcase event and was impressed with the content; it was like having a health & safety refresher but for Cyber Security: It was factual, useful and gave a great insight into what is an ever changing landscape.” Group Head – Technology: Northern & Shell Media (Inc. Express Newspapers, Hello & OK Magazine).