Active Directory Security

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Active Directory Security

Active Directory is a problem for most organisations these days and is fast becoming a priority for information security professionals.

Today, a large majority of companies face the problem that there is a distinct lack of appropriate tools and resources, which mean IT Administrators are unable to offer a fast and simple overview of which users have access to which data. This uncontrolled growth of access rights leaves the company’s critical data unprotected, leading to a security risk with real financial and business impacts.

Do you really know who has access to what resources, and what data within your organisation? 

CST offers AD security and management tools that can reduce the likelihood of someone having inappropriate access to sensitive data and resources.

CST can offer a unique access rights management solution that brings a new level of comfort in handling complex tasks related to user-provisioning, tracking and monitoring – helping your business establish a robust security framework to successfully minimise exposure to insider threats.

The solution can support: Sharepoint, Exchange and vSphere, but we believe that by addressing AD, it brings the single most benefits for controlling appropriate folder, file and share access.  The access rights management tool addresses the issues at the core or your infrastructure. You can find out who has access to what, and make real time changes, all within a few simple clicks.

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