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It is a well-recognised fact that the majority (over 80%) of network vulnerabilities are the result of a vendor introduced exploitable condition, which is mitigated with a vendor released patch. A robust patching program should address all the operating systems within a network, along with key application. It should be conducted in an efficient and timely manner with the minimum of disruption and resources. The benefit of a patching solution should be to automate the process, eliminate the complexity of patching, and drastically reduces the support burden.

Is your organisation patching efficiently and effectively?

Lumension allows IT administrators to automatically identify and patch vulnerabilities across heterogeneous operating systems, and Microsoft or non-Microsoft applications alike.  As well as all being seamlessly managed through a single console, the following additional advantages make it stand out from other alternatives:

  • Lumension test all operating systems and application patches before being released – to reduce conflicts or impact to productivity.
  • Intelligently compiles the patches in an order – that causes the minimum amount of interruption and re-boots.
  • Determines whether an endpoint is patched or un-patched across a wide variety of operating systems and applications – even down to very specific software versions.
  • Patches Microsoft, non Microsoft operating systems and applications – to ensure that exploitable conditions across any and all systems are patched, giving complete and comprehensive protection.

Do you know what patches are missing on your Network?

If you are concerned about the issue of missing patches within your network and want to understand the risk on your systems, then contact us about using the free ‘missing patch scanner’. This will report on MS, Non MS and applications that exist on your network and have a patch vulnerability or exploitable condition.

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