Penetration Testing & Security Assessment

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Penetration Testing & Security Assessment

One of the key steps to measure operational risk is the need to understand where you are vulnerable to an attack, and where you may have already been compromised.

The value and benefits for undertaking security assessment services include:

  • Policy mandate to undertake periodic testing.
  • Identifying exploitable conditions before they can become a security breach.
  • Validation that a previously discovered exploit has been adequately closed.
  • On-going sanity check to measure if security precautions are fit for purpose.
  • Meeting and demonstrating Compliance & Audit directives.

Whilst testing is a specialised subject it doesn’t need to be expensive, CST can offer comprehensive testing options that cater for all eventualities. You will receive a detailed report, with management summaries as well as priority rankings which we will walkthrough and discuss with you so that the results are fully explained.